The Oil Market vs Top 10 Metal Markets Combined

The Oil Market

The Size of the Oil Market vs Top 10 Metals Markets

While the global economy depends on many commodities, none come close to the massive scale of the oil market.


In addition to being the main source of energy for transportation, oil is a key feedstock for numerous other industries, such as plastics, fertilizers, cosmetics, and medicine. As a result, the global physical oil market is astronomical in size and has significant economic and geopolitical influence, with a few countries dominating global oil production.


The infographic above puts the size of the crude oil market into perspective by comparing it to the top 10 metals markets combined. To calculate the market size, we use the latest price multiplied by global production in 2022, based on data from TradingEconomia and the United States Geological Survey (USGS).


Note: This analysis focuses on raw materials and physical materials, excluding derivative markets and alloy materials such as steel.


How big is the oil market?

In 2022, the world produced an average of 80.75 million barrels of oil per day (including condensates). This puts annual crude oil production at about 29.5 billion barrels, with the size of the market exceeding $2 trillion at current prices.


This number dwarfs the combined size of the top 10 metals markets:


Commodity      Annual Production 2022           Market size

Crude oil          29.5 billion barrels                    $2.1 trillion

Iron ore            2.6 billion tons                         $283.4 billion

Gold                 3,100 tons                               $195.9 billion

Copper             22 million tons                         $183.3 billion

Aluminum        69 million tons                         $152.6 billion

Nickel               3.3 million tons                        $68.8 billion

Zinc                  13 million tons                         $30.9 billion

Silver                26,000 tons                             $19.9 billion

Molybdenum    250,000 tons                           $12.9 billion

Palladium         210 tons                                  $9.5 billion

Lead                 4.5 million tons                         $9.2 billion

Based on prices as of June 7, 2023.


The combined market size of the top 10 metals markets is $967 billion, less than half of the oil market. Even if we added all the other smaller crude metals markets, the oil market would still be much larger.


This also reflects the massive scale of global oil consumption annually, with the resource having a ubiquitous presence in our daily lives.


The Big Picture

While the oil market overlaps with the metals markets, it is important to recognize that this does not minimize the importance of these commodities.


Metals form a critical building block of the global economy, playing a key role in infrastructure, energy technologies, and more. Meanwhile, precious metals such as gold and silver serve as important stores of value.


As the world shifts to a more sustainable future away from fossil fuels, it will be interesting to see how the markets for oil and other commodities evolve.


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Title: The Oil Market: A World Leader in the Pursuit of Sustainability

Although there is a lot of talk about renewable energy and sustainability, the oil market remains the largest and most influential sector in the global economy. Technik Engineering Corp recognizes this reality and wishes to highlight a recent article published on the Elements News Portal.  In this article, we will explore the continued importance of the oil market, comparing it with the major metals markets, and discuss how Technik Engineering is attentive to these transformations.

The Weight of the Oil Market: The oil market plays a key role in a variety of industries, from transportation to plastics, fertilizers, cosmetics, and medicines. Its magnitude is staggering, with the global physical oil market reaching astronomical proportions and exerting significant economic and geopolitical influence. In addition, some countries are dominant in global oil production, consolidating their position in this market.

Comparing to Metals: The Elements News Portal article offers a detailed analysis comparing the size of the oil market to the top 10 metals markets. Based on reliable data from Trading Economics and the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the article reveals a striking difference between the oil market and metals. Even when considering the smaller metals markets, the oil market remains substantially larger.

The Importance of Metals: While the oil market is dominant, this does not diminish the relevance of metals in the global economy. Metals play a critical role in the construction of energy infrastructure and technologies, as well as serving as important stores of value like gold and silver. They are essential for the development of various sectors and have a direct impact on economic growth.

Future Prospects: As the world pursues a more sustainable future and moves away from fossil fuels, it is interesting to watch how the markets for oil and other commodities evolve. Technik Engineering is committed to following these transformations, seeking innovative and sustainable solutions. The transition to renewable energy sources and the adoption of more sustainable practices will open up new opportunities and challenges for all sectors.

Although there is a lot of talk about renewable energies, as we have noted, it is undeniable that the oil market continues to play a crucial role in the global economy and that is why Technik Engineering highlighted this topic in this article to enrich the dialogue about the importance of the oil sector and invites you to share it with your network of contacts and leave your opinion on this subject and thus get a more detailed view of the size of the oil sector. oil market compared to metals markets.

Technik Engineering is committed to adapting to the transformations of the energy sector, seeking a sustainable future for all, and strongly suggests to the Brazilian industry that it is always up to date with the rigorous requirements of the Oil & Gas industry so that it can increasingly be part of this trillion-dollar business.


Keywords: oil market, metals, global economy, sustainability, renewable energies, Technik Engineering.


Spreadsheet: Oil Market Size vs. Oil Market Size Metals Markets

Commodity Annual Production 2022 Market Size (in USD billion)
Crude oil 29.5 billion barrels 2.1 trillion
Iron ore 2.6 billion tons 283,4
Gold 3,100 tons 195,9
Copper 22 million tons 183,3
Aluminium 69 million tonnes 152,6
Nickel 3.3 million tons 68,8
Zinc 13 million tons 30,9
Silver 26,000 tonnes 19,9
Molybdenum 250,000 tonnes 12,9
Palladium 210 tons 9,5
Lead 4.5 million tons 9,2

Chart: Oil Market Size vs. Oil Market Size Metals Markets

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